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> On Tue, 22 Oct 2002 21:30:02 +0000 (UTC)
> ruifmferreira at hotmail.com ("Rui Ferreira") wrote:
> > > Can we *please* avoid the LFS community mailinglists becomming like
> > > the IRC server?
> > You don't have many friends, do you?
> Hm. 3, I think.
So you don't get out much :)

> > Can't you be just a little forgiving?
> Yes. Im actually one of the most forgiving people there is, in that I
> can forget what it was I was annoyed about in less than 5 minutes.
> HOwever, People are not places. People I can forgive, Bad places I
> remember.
Places don't have fault on what people do to them and people come and go.
So, both the irc channel and these mls aren't guilty, and if you can forgive
people, then do so and don't react like you've been.
Take it lightly. Give it another shot at the irc channel but, instead of
going there for heavy matters, go there just for fun, watch what's goin'on
and, if in doubt, stay quiet.

> > Can't you read good intensions in others answers?
> No! I cant read anything into anyones answer with accuracy approaching
> even that of a 5 year old. Im autistic, remember.
Yeah, but what I didn't remember was to write that an answer like "I'm
autistic" wasn't valid.

> I dont read good things in, I dont read bad things in. I read what is
> there.
Then, like I said before, if in doubt, stay quiet. See what others have to
say. By what you hear from others answers you'll know what was meant.
Here, I'm talking about Bill's answer "read bash man page", the kind of
answer that, in a case like that was, I would love to hear. Yet you reacted
like you did, making me start this conversation.

> > I was like the world first saw me, swetting in that closed room.
> > Near the end I took the cover off and touched the CPU. It was colder
> > than the cover!
> That isnt saying much if the cover is at 70degC ;-))
Well, it wasn't ready for cooking eggs.
I don't have a proper thermometer for that kind of measurement so I'll give
you another example.
Have you ever touch the forehead of someone with fever to get he's
That's around 40ºC, right? So, it wasn't very different.
And at 70ºC you don't hold it for very long...

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