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Tue Oct 22 19:52:29 PDT 2002

On Tue, 22 Oct 2002 19:22:40 -0400
Joe Morris <heartboy at> wrote:

JM> Okay guys, to test if it is indeed an overheating problem, I set the
JM> speed in the BIOS to 100 (instant 1500+). Things are running slowly
JM> (obviously), but I hope this will at least let the cpu run a little
JM> cooler. I'm putting it under stress again, I'll let you all know the
JM> results. Thanks a ton!
JM> Joe

Hey guys, I ran it, but with prime95 it still fails while reading from
the file, oddly only one thread out of many continues to go on. I'm
wondering if the multiple threads are all trying to access the same file
at the same time and if failing for some reason, because by viewing the
log the self-checks always come out ok, it just fails when reading from
the file. Also, I've been running both burnK7 and burnMMX from the
cpuburn package for about an hour now, and nothing has happened (this is
all while playing music and typing up my lab report in OOo). Also, I
disabled the esd XMMS plugin and used the OSS plugin, and that got rid
of the "cannot open sound device" errors. I'm wondering if something in
esd times out because the system is less responsive? Well, I've got the
Athlon back to 2200 speed, and I've got the case open so that air will
flow a little better. I'll continue stressing this heavily overnight.
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