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> > Trouble is that I CANT. think of me as the communication version of
> > blind - or at least partially sighted.
> >
> > NT People always write between the lines, even when they arent trying
> > to.
> (...)
> > But I wont, will I? *YOU* might work it out. I *wont*.
> I'm sorry, but I'm not that easy to satisfy :)
> You seem to be telling me that when someone says
>  - Like black from white
> you can't read between the lines something like
>  - Like good from evil
> or
>  - Like night from day
> or
>  - Like Windows from Linux
> ---------------------------------------------------
> To be totally honest with you, in the above construction, what I really
> meant was that if you can't see the difference, how can you understand why
> is Linux a better OS than Windows?
> Someone sometime might have said to you that Windows and Linux are like
> night from day!
> Now, be totally honest with me and give me two answers: The one you were
> about to give before this last paragraph and another one for after my
> explanation.

I am slightly autistic myself (Aspergers Syndrome) so i can tell you that you 
are completely off track. Black and white things are easy to understand. The 
problem is all of the gray zones. The problem is reading between the lines. 
Reading between the lines is next to impossible for me, and that is the whole 
problem because normal people put so much information in between the lines. 
For you it would be like reading a book where every second line in the book 
was missing. You would understand the book, but you would miss so much and it 
would be hard to understand. That is what people like me and Ian molton is 
faced with every time we read something with emotion or everytime someone 
talks to us in a casual way..

I see things as they are. I take everything litteral. It is allmost impossible 
for me to pick up on facial expressions if they are not very clear. No wonder 
that autistic people doesnt get out much, and no wonder that silicon valley 
is littered with autistic people :-)

John Nielsen
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