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John Nielsen da02043 at mail.ikasths.dk
Wed Oct 23 05:39:10 PDT 2002

> You also have a rather social sounding girlfriend, which probably gets
> you out of some sticky situations...

You have no idea. Once in paris we went to a pub near l'arch de triumph, and 
on our way out of the pub we ran into 3 drunk and pushy guys who wanted to 
take my cigaretes (which was a problem since i dont smoke). I prepared to 
defend myself and my girlfriend and expected to get pummeled into a bloody 
pile of mush, but she pushed me aside, grabbed one guy by his nose ring and 
told him who she was, who they were and why exactly it would be a good idea 
for them to turn around and go somewhere else to play. They all turned around 
and RAN!! lol.. She turned around, looked at me, laughed and told me that i 
could save her another time. I didnt answer right away because my jaw had 
dropped down to my ancles :-) Come on... She is a scrawny little 55 kg. 
girl... It is amazing to think about all the information she must have read 
in the eyes and faces of these men in order for her to do what she did. I am 
still waiting for my chance to save her life back... lol...

John Nielsen
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