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Wed Oct 23 10:23:26 PDT 2002

> Where did you hear that? I see no such component on my athlonXP, nor on
> the Duron I had before that.
Actually there should be a diode sticking out of your mobo underneath 
your processor, if you take it off.
>>most boards don't provide a chip
>>that reads out the on die temperature, so even if your cpu supports it
>>your board probably doesn't. Sorry I can't be of more help :-(
> again, where did you hear that?
> some boards dont use the diode to protect the chip, but most can read
> it.
I read in in a german computer magazin (c't), it's not one of these 
crappy HOW TO GET WAREZ ON THE INTERNET ... magazines, well Microsoft 
refuses to put any ads into it because they are critizising M$ too often 
(I think that is definetly a quality indicator ;-)). I did some research 
on the internet because I don't expect you can read german?! ;-) I found 

     The Athlon XP has no any catastrophic overheating protection. Why 
didn't AMD provide such protection as it isn't beyond their power? The 
Athlon XP can be easily damaged when a cooling system can fail (thermal 
power of top model of the Athlon XP is 60-70 W and is almost equal to 
that of the Pentium 4).
Besides, the Athlon XP has quite a useless thermal diode because the 
most of latest Socket A mainboards do not support it, although top chip 
makers and mobo manufacturers had samples of the Palomino based 
processors yet in March-April last year.


I don't know how new this article is but it seems pretty reliable.
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