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John Nielsen da02043 at mail.ikasths.dk
Wed Oct 23 15:23:27 PDT 2002

> I don't see you doing that here.
> 1st don't take me wrong. I'm not telling you to stop writing.
> 2nd Probably you aren't talking about writing e-mails, 'cause 'net is your
> safe-heaven'
> 3rd What I tried to say before was that exactly: sometimes it's preferable
> to say nothing at all and, knowing that you might be missing something, is
> even a stronger argument for not answering
> You really gave me the two answers and I believe I made my point clear
> saying the first answer was unnecessary.

This IS our safe haven, and by the definition of the word this is where we can 
talk about our nature without being alienated like we are in real life 
sometimes. Here there is no point not talking about our condition. I cant 
speak for Ian now, so this is only about myself. 

Life as an autistic is a lonely life. Not because i am not very social, but 
because i know that people dont like what i am. When i tell people that im 
autistic, they often associate me with a rambeling lunatic in a wheelchair. 
When i tell people i have aspergers syndrome, people often asume im somewhere 
between psychotic and manio depressive. Danes are not very well educated 
about autism. That is why my life is so lonely. I can not talk about the very 
nature of my beind or all of the problems associated with it. I am alone in 
that regard. Other autistic danes keep theire syndrome to them selves because 
they have the same problems as i have and because of this, Ian is the first 
autistic person i have ever met!! Finally theres a place where the fact that 
i am autistic is not important, and when i get a chance to share my feelings, 
i grab it with both hands!!!

John Nielsen

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