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> > If they didnt stop me I would have walked straight past them, without
> > recognising them.
> Now, to that I call 'walking in the moon' :) and can happen to anyone...

Im so used to this :-) And this is not meant in any bad way so please dont 
take this bad....

A lot of people refuse to accept the fact that im not normal because i look 
and sound normal. At most they feel im a little "odd". Deep down they refuse 
to believe im nor perfectly normal because they can not see anything out of 
the ordinary... They identify themselves with me and judge my actions by 
theire own understanding of how a human should work. It is perfectly true 
that that can happen to anybody, but when you allready have huge problems 
recognizing facial features, it really hurts your ability to recognize loved 
ones, and this will happen more often.

We all recognioze our loved ones not by the facial features, but by the 
emotional bonds you have with these people... you recognize feelings..

If you see a person on a picture and then have to pick him out of a lineup of 
a hundred people, you have to look at every single face. If you have to find 
a loved one in the same lineup, you will find him emideately because of the 
emotional bond. Emotional recognition is at the core of our problem and that 
means we easily miss loved ones in a crowd when we dont expect them to be 

John Nielsen
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