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John Nielsen da02043 at mail.ikasths.dk
Wed Oct 23 15:44:07 PDT 2002

> > On Wed, 23 Oct 2002 00:37:41 +0000 (UTC)
> >
> > ruifmferreira at hotmail.com ("Rui Ferreira") wrote:
> > > BTW: How's the house surviving the cat? :)
> >
> > so far, its ok :)
> What's ok, the house or the cat?
> And tell me, how can a house survive the cat? or how can a house _not_
> survive a cat?
> I made a stupid question on purpose and you shouldn't have been able to get
> it.
> How come?
> You _can_ read between the lines after all.

Autistics CAN read between the lines. We just dont do it in the same way as 
you normal people do it.

You know how to do this instinctively and the correct meaning of irony just 
pops up into your brain. We have to memorize different structures of irony, 
and then we can usually figure out what you mean. It is the same with humor. 
You are funny. We behave funny. There is a difference. I have screwed up a 
thousand jokes before i made one good joke quite by accident. Then i look at 
what i said and developed on that. After a while i learned and now i can 
"figure out" what is funny. 99% of my jokes still blow up in my face, but at 
least i can understand most of them now, and i keep on learning.

John Nielsen
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