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R. Bosch remy.bosch at hccnet.nl
Wed Oct 23 15:39:46 PDT 2002

Ok, I've been reading this thread, and I'm getting more worried bij the

Let me give an example.
I can work pretty well while "working" in groups, but I never go out.
I have no social life what so ever. School and work is pretty much it.
I do go out to find a bit nature, to get out of the city with a bike.
But this is by myself alone! I can sum my social life up as the

- Mother
- School
- Work

Pretty pethettic I know, but I am looking around for more social chances
like a linux-club or something. Yes, that's pethettick too, but I'll
feel fine, and I'll be able to communicate... I'm still human :-P

I do have an analystic mind which gives my a good view of what my
short-coming are and where I'm strong...

As for reading between the lines, I see hat I see and process later...
That's the way I deal. However I can get used to such things when
specifics come back frequently.

Oh well...

All I care most of the time is that the world gets better - I know it's
remote - and I'm happy with what I get. Further "limits" though
positive, I don't smoke, drink, or eat in vast quantities ;-)

Damn! I can't seem to stop. Better do it now ;-)



Open(source) your mind, and see real freedom!
Close(dsource) your mind and be in a prisson.

Just my ¤0.02
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