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> > So how do you explain a what happened then?
> " Look guys, my friend is autistic. He doesn't smoke. He doesn't get out
> much. You're frightening him. He isn't a threat to you. But if you mess
> with him, you might get into trouble with justice. And remember - you're
> drunk too. "
> Something like this - direct and lucid - even spoken from a 7yo girl would
> be enough to make them go away.
> The story that was told indicated that they were regular guys, just drunk.
> The answer I gave would never work with someone depraved.

What you explain there is plain and simple to 90% of the population of the 
western world. You just have to realize that to me, this is nuclear science. 

Somehow you can feel that these are ordinary people and then you say something 
like you suggested above, it works, but only because you can feel that they 
are normal people. 

I feel what i see: Two agressive drunk people threatening me. When i feel 
threatened, i defend myself. I only know what i see. You not only know what 
you see, you allso know what you feel. Theres a huge difference.

John Nielsen
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