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John Nielsen da02043 at mail.ikasths.dk
Wed Oct 23 16:05:36 PDT 2002

On Thursday 24 October 2002 12:39 am, you wrote:
> Ok, I've been reading this thread, and I'm getting more worried bij the
> minute...
> Let me give an example.
> I can work pretty well while "working" in groups, but I never go out.
> I have no social life what so ever. School and work is pretty much it.
> I do go out to find a bit nature, to get out of the city with a bike.
> But this is by myself alone! I can sum my social life up as the
> following:
> - Mother
> - School
> - Work
> Pretty pethettic I know, but I am looking around for more social chances
> like a linux-club or something. Yes, that's pethettick too, but I'll
> feel fine, and I'll be able to communicate... I'm still human :-P
> I do have an analystic mind which gives my a good view of what my
> short-coming are and where I'm strong...
> As for reading between the lines, I see hat I see and process later...
> That's the way I deal. However I can get used to such things when
> specifics come back frequently.
> Oh well...
> All I care most of the time is that the world gets better - I know it's
> remote - and I'm happy with what I get. Further "limits" though
> positive, I don't smoke, drink, or eat in vast quantities ;-)
> Damn! I can't seem to stop. Better do it now ;-)

Could be asperges syndrome. This is something that is easy to diagnose. It 
takes just 5 min. at the right doctor.

Dont worry about it though. It doesnt matter really if you are autistic or 
not. What matters is that you have a life you are happy with and that you 
find a balance in your soul where you can rest comfortable within yourself. 
It doesnt matter at all if your best friend is your mom or if you have a 
hundred friends. Dont let society dictate who you should be. Take charge of 
your own life and choose your own path forward. Be happy with what you have 
and forget everything about "the grass being greener on the other side" 
because those thoughts will make you miserable.

The biggest problem for me before i had this diagnosed was that i felt 
different and i didnt know why. I felt strange and different and i didnt 
understand why nobody liked me. When i was diagnosed with asperges syndrome i 
suddently knew why. I have used this knowledge as a kind of therapy if you 
will. It has helped me to get a better social life because i could suddently 
direct my work for a better social life. There is no cure, there is no 
treatment. This is not even a sickness. Having asperges syndrome only helps 
you to tell you who you are and where your place in the universe is. It is 
not something you have, it is simething you are.

John Nielsen
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