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> > This IS our safe haven, and by the definition of the word this is where
> > we
> can
> > talk about our nature without being alienated like we are in real life
> Good, great, excellent...
> > autistic person i have ever met!! Finally theres a place where the fact
> that
> > i am autistic is not important, and when i get a chance to share my
> feelings,
> > i grab it with both hands!!!
> Again, good, great and excellent.
> But what isn't 'good, gr...' is that you mess things up by giving the wrong
> answers just because you didn't get the message in it's full intent.
> Being autistic here is not important. Giving the wrong answers is, and
> you'll be fighted back because of them, thus shrinking your safe-heaven.

Hmm... you are right.... They say the road to hell is paved with good 
intentions. This is a good example of that. And also a good example of some 
of the problems i am so used to. What you said here was allso said in your 
other posts, they were just between the lines and that is why i didnt see it 
until now. I am sorry about that....

John Nielsen

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