John Nielsen da02043 at
Wed Oct 23 16:16:12 PDT 2002

>      The Athlon XP has no any catastrophic overheating protection. Why
> didn't AMD provide such protection as it isn't beyond their power? The
> Athlon XP can be easily damaged when a cooling system can fail (thermal
> power of top model of the Athlon XP is 60-70 W and is almost equal to
> that of the Pentium 4).

Theres an easy answer to that... 
The P4's have theire own thermal protection system build into the cpu. The 
Athlons have the same system. The problem is that they have moved some of 
this functionality onto the motherboard from the cpu. Mobo makers are not 
used to that and are thus not implementing it since it adds cost and doesnt 
improve performance.

John Nielsen
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