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Rui Ferreira wrote:
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> You are funny. We behave funny. There is a difference. I have screwed up a
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> Again, a good line.
> The message that I'm trying to pass is that exactly: How to behave, so that
> you don't screw up what you already have.
I have been following this threat for quite a while and it has been 
quite informational, I didn't know what asperges was before.
Well now it's time for my 2 cents worth to this.
Rui, I understand your intentions, Ian is sometimes quite direct and 
people might consider this rude, I think this is what you were trying to 
say? I can just speak for myself, but I like it a lot more if people are 
direct then if they are overly polite, they never get to the point 
because they might offend somebody. If somebody is talking(or in this 
case writing) you should be allowed to call it rubbish, if the person 
takes that personal, then it is his problem not the problem of the 
person who is calling it rubbish. I get told I'm rude from time to time, 
because I call other peoples arguments rubbish in a discussion, well but 
they are (at least I think so ;-) ).
As for the thing on IRC I think I would've reacted the same way Ian had, 
and there was not much to be read between the lines, this other person 
was just being a dickhead.
Enough now

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