Jochen Schröder jschrod at
Thu Oct 24 03:28:18 PDT 2002

no not threatening ;-)
I've a little problem with mozilla mail here, although I don't really 
understand it. All messsages seem to thread right except for the ones 
from Ian. They just reference the the first message. So Ian messages 
just seem to reply to the first message. I had a look at the archives, 
and there Ians messages seem to thread perfectly, so I'm assuming the 
fault is on my side. I'm using mozilla 1.1 for mails. So am I right in 
assuming that mozilla uses the references for threading? If so I really 
don't understand this because Ians look just like everybody elses. Is 
this a bug within mozilla?
Can anybody give me any pointers to help understanding this problem?
[X] Nail here for new monitor

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