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Loïc Prouvèze loic.prouveze at
Thu Oct 24 10:31:06 PDT 2002

Hello !

I'm Loïc Prouvèze (LoX), the new webmaster at

Community Linux From Scratch is a web site witch want to gather authors,
testing people, traductors and users of xLFS.

Looking for on the Internet, I could find lots of  Gerard Beekmans's
book traductions of witch yours. So I propose you to come on the site to make the Community LFS more human :)

Connecting on, you will be automaticaly redirected
to the site of your language if your browser is configurated corectly.

Otherwise, you could find the site of your language directly here :

This site is not finished. So, don't hesitate to say me all problems
that the site become realy more pleasant to consult :)

Welcome on !

(La communauté LFS :

PS : Excuse me for my not very good english... :-/ I promise you, I try
to do some effort :)
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