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R. Bosch remy.bosch at hccnet.nl
Thu Oct 24 16:27:04 PDT 2002

On Thu, 24 Oct 2002 23:50:03 +0100  Mister Ian just wrote the following:

> Nah. you just never saw nice antialiasing - which neither Win or Linux
> have.

Only RisC/OS ;-)

Since the people from Castle/Risc-OS DID the trouble to investigate
measures against RSI - Yes, THEY DID! - why not launch a massive suit
against Microsoft and force them to pay large sums for money for the
risc we are involved (at work). They DID-NOT do research about RSI.

Just seeing the link between Tabaco companies and M$ make my feel....
high? hmmm I *need* to get a name for this WONDERFULL feeling ;-D



Open(source) your mind, and see real freedom!
Close(dsource) your mind and be in a prisson.

Just my ¤0.02
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