Immigration to Canada

A.Melon juicy at
Fri Oct 25 06:39:15 PDT 2002

>That should be so easy it hardly qualifies as immigration at all.
>IANAL  but IIRC it's a fundamental point of international law (UN
>covenant on  Human Rights) that immigration rules may not split up
>families, so 
>couples from two different countries should be able to live in
>either  homeland. All attempts to stop one member of a family from
>others are basically illegal and can only be achieved by dubious 
>administrative tricks. (Unfortunately several countries manage that 
>anyway; Hong Kong, for example, is in the midst of a HUGE
>controversy  over a very similar point right now, and the government
>is much more  serious about keeping out people's spouses than in
>Canada or the US  where they might ask you a few silly questions to
>make sure you are  really married).

I know I am behind the times here :) but, in some countries a
spouse may be able to immigrate without difficulty, but have
trouble getting work rights.  With the EU, the situation can
be very strange - the spouse of a UK citizen has more trouble
getting work authorization in London than the spouse of a
citizen of any other EU country :)


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