More scripting questions

Eric Miller emiller at
Fri Oct 25 12:05:41 PDT 2002

First off, should these be directed to alfs, or is this the correct board
for scripting questions?  I accept the polite handslaps and would like to
direct these to the proper location :)

Few questions:

-The easy one.  When creating user lfs in chpt 5, the book has always
directed to make it with password lfs.  Can I change the password to
something longer to avoid the too short warning?  Is there a point later in
the book that user lfs is called using password lfs that I would need to
change?  I did a gedit search and found nothing, just wanna be super sure.

-I would like to clean up the excution of my scripts.  Is there a command or
util that will cause the suppress the compile output, so it will not display
on the screen?  Want to suppress JUST the compile output, not the feedback
from the script, it is stepped for debugging and just so you know what the
heck is going on.

-Is there and echo $value or other command to clear the screen? (a la CLS)

-Does anyone know how to script a routine that will show the progress of a
process?  For example, can I nest a make script inside some while or other
command that will return a % complete at time intervals or a makeshift
progress bar (.....)


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