More scripting questions

Rob Park rbpark at
Fri Oct 25 14:01:48 PDT 2002

Eric Miller wrote:

> -I would like to clean up the excution of my scripts.  Is there a 
> command or
> util that will cause the suppress the compile output, so it will not 
> display
> on the screen?  Want to suppress JUST the compile output, not the feedback
> from the script, it is stepped for debugging and just so you know what the
> heck is going on.

You could try redirecting output, but I doubt this would work very well.

> -Is there and echo $value or other command to clear the screen? (a la CLS)

echo ^L

or something like that

> -Does anyone know how to script a routine that will show the progress of a
> process?  For example, can I nest a make script inside some while or other
> command that will return a % complete at time intervals or a makeshift
> progress bar (.....)

If you knew exactly what .o files the compiler is supposed to make, then 
you could periodically count them, divide by the total, multiply by 100, 
and that's more or less a %-complete. Making an actual progress bar it 
pretty much impossible without ncurses or slang. Unless you just want 
"one dot per .o file" instead of "this percent of the line has dots".

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