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> First off, should these be directed to alfs, or is this the correct board
> for scripting questions?  I accept the polite handslaps and would like to
> direct these to the proper location :)

No slaping 'cause in lfs-chat anything goes :)
> Few questions:
> -The easy one.  When creating user lfs in chpt 5, the book has always
> directed to make it with password lfs.  Can I change the password to
> something longer to avoid the too short warning?  Is there a point later in

You can change the password to WhAtEvErYoUrMiNdCoMeSuPwHiT2

> the book that user lfs is called using password lfs that I would need to
> change?  I did a gedit search and found nothing, just wanna be super sure.

User lfs is only used in chapter 5 until right before the chroot command.
It's just a way to ensure that you don't mess up with your host system.

> -I would like to clean up the excution of my scripts.  Is there a command
> util that will cause the suppress the compile output, so it will not
> on the screen?  Want to suppress JUST the compile output, not the feedback
> from the script, it is stepped for debugging and just so you know what the
> heck is going on.

(man) nohup
(and man tail)

> -Is there and echo $value or other command to clear the screen? (a la CLS)


> -Does anyone know how to script a routine that will show the progress of a
> process?  For example, can I nest a make script inside some while or other
> command that will return a % complete at time intervals or a makeshift
> progress bar (.....)

Use the SBU values.

    ./configure &&
    make &&
    make install
) &

&& ensures the second command only gets executed if the first succeeds.
& makes the program continue without waiting for the first command to
By embracing [ (...) & ] the compile commands you can free your script to do
whatever else you wish.

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