More scripting questions

Richard Lightman richard at
Fri Oct 25 15:48:26 PDT 2002

* Eric Miller <emiller at> [2002-10-25 23:18]:
> -I would like to clean up the excution of my scripts.  Is there a command or
> util that will cause the suppress the compile output, so it will not display
> on the screen?  Want to suppress JUST the compile output, not the feedback
> from the script, it is stepped for debugging and just so you know what the
> heck is going on.
You might like:
#!/bin/bash -ex

e: Exits on any error not protected by &&, ||, if or while.
x: Outputs each command before it is run.

Next, redirect the output configure/make to a file. When something
goes wrong, you will need that file to find out what. 

If nothing bad happened, delete the file to save space.

> -Is there and echo $value or other command to clear the screen? (a la CLS)
man clear
man tput
man terminfo

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