Spreading my own linux distro

Henric Andersson ha at thedudes.nu
Sun Oct 27 13:33:15 PST 2002


I'm considering writing my own linux distro that will be used for a program
I'm working on ( see
http://www.sensenet.nu/projects/index.php?project=Digital+Video+Player ) and
since there is a chance more people want to use it (friends, etc) I'd like
to make the distro download:able. But the question is, what requirements are
there in such a case?

This would be a highly specialized distro, so allowing users to compile the
stuff (kernel, etc) for themselfs wouldn't be a requirement. So, mainly, it
would be a binary distro only. How does this work with the GPL that comes
with the programs in the distro? My own conclusion is that this would be ok,
since all the source / patches are available on the net, but I'm not sure.

Any information and/or experience is welcomed.


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