Spreading my own linux distro

Richard Lightman richard at nezumi.plus.com
Sun Oct 27 14:00:02 PST 2002

* Henric Andersson <ha at thedudes.nu> [2002-10-27 21:55]:
> Hi!
> I'm considering writing my own linux distro that will be used for a program
> I'm working on ( see
> http://www.sensenet.nu/projects/index.php?project=Digital+Video+Player ) and
> since there is a chance more people want to use it (friends, etc) I'd like
> to make the distro download:able. But the question is, what requirements are
> there in such a case?
> This would be a highly specialized distro, so allowing users to compile the
> stuff (kernel, etc) for themselfs wouldn't be a requirement. So, mainly, it
> would be a binary distro only. How does this work with the GPL that comes
> with the programs in the distro? My own conclusion is that this would be ok,
> since all the source / patches are available on the net, but I'm not sure.


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