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> >> Where, outside Holland and Belgium and perhaps South Africa, does
> >> ANYONE  speak Dutch? 
> >E.g., Suriname, Namibia.  But even leaving these aside, doesn't South
> >Africa count?
> Just as a matter of interest, South Africa definitely doesn't count. Afrikaans (one of the
> eleven official languages here) is a distant relative of Dutch, but definitely *not*
> Dutch. It is closer to the Flemish spoken in Belgium, which is also not Dutch IMHO.

although some people do claim it is, I'm not in a postition to comment
though... (although I've heard it said that there is a continuity in tht
regional dialects enabling one to go from dutch to german)

> Namibia is the same although there are far fewer Afrikaans speaking people than German
> speaking people there.
> Some examples of Afrikaans not being Dutch:
> The common noun for a cat in Dutch translates to a rather impolite reference to a certain
> part of the female anatomy in Afrikaans...
> An Afrikaans verb for hitting someone translates to "fsck" (in the reproductive sense) in
> Dutch.

Its fascinating how languages change isn't it?
Even between English and American English there are some big differences
(hey even within Britain there are some huge differences), although
mostly in slang...


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