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> To my way of thinking, the time to figure out what config options are
> needed is before 'make menuconfig'.  A start would be a hardware
> checklist, support of foo options, [other examples here].  The result
> would be an easy to read file that serves as a companion for walking
> through the menuconfig process.

> Is there such a HOWTO?

I wasn't able to find such a thing.  It sure would have been useful.

For my first LFS build, I copied the config file from my host system, then
started menuconfig and read the help info for almost every option.  I ended
up turning off most of the stuff from the host system, so on the second
build I just started with the default.  It took me several hours in multiple
sittings to go through the menuconfig:  reading the help, scanning the
Documentation directories, scouring the /proc file system for interesting
tidbits, etc.  But, my system did boot first time around, and I learned one
heck of a lot.


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