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> Some of the help files regarding a fix or whatever merely suggest that
> "if you don't know click yes as it won't effect anything" sort of
> reasoning.  I really dislike this type of solution.  It is not elegant.

True, it's not terribly elegant, but for most people it's just fine.  Most
people either know it already because they're old hands (relatively few), or
don't care because they just need to add one little option to the kernel so
some offbeat software or hardware will work.  It's just we hacker types who
want to learn just enough to be a little less dangerous who are left trying
to figure these things out.  I'll admit that after several hours, I found
myself just going with the flow and saying "yes" or "no" as recommended if I
didn't know or care about a particular option.

> As Richard stated "...good luck trying to keep it up to date"

That might not be as hard as it sounds at first blush, although the new
configuration system probably will throw a wrench into the works.  I don't
have a whole lot of free time, but I am kind of casting around for a new


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