no LFS in the Source section of Distrowatch??

Eric Miller emiller at
Tue Oct 29 08:12:53 PST 2002

1. LFS, even the CVS branch does not change on a daily basis like Gentoo and
others do.

> Yes, but its a source based project, and it changes often enough!

2. LFS is a very basic system so the majority of the fields in the table
be empty. This might create a perception that LFS is not rich in features.

> Yes, but it is a source based project, why not lead your readers be the
judge on the features?  Who's to say the intimate educational relationship
isnt a feature that some people are looking for, instead of a scripted
install that is aesthetically the same as a binary distro.

3. The idea behind the source distributions page is to monitor what the
source-based distros are working on. It includes their development branches,
as opposed to stable releases.

> So, include LFS and monitor what they are working on, including thier dev
branch, CVS, rc releases (they DO have them!) and releases of new versions.

4. Once I include LFS, it will only be fair to include other similar distros
based on LFS or at least similar in concept. You might be surprised, but
there are quite a few of them: Arch, BYO, Core, LRs, Murix, Neat, TA, maybe
some others.

>  Agreed.  Include them too!  Or, maybe make a new sub-page for
Do-It-Yourself Projects, and include LFS and the others you mention?

5. My last reason: Gerard hasn't asked me to ;-)

>  Please.  Did Matthew Szulik ask you to include Red Hat?

I have considered the idea, but my reasoning has always rejected it. I am
to suggestion, so if you give me 6 reasons why it should be included, I
just put LFS in. Also, what do others on the list think of this?

> There's five :)  Anybody got a sixth?  Seriosly, Ladislav, thanks for
being a good sport and responding with such attention.  It would be nice to
see LFS get its spot with either the source-based group or a new DIY
group..thank you!

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