/home partition size

David C david at desolateonline.com
Tue Oct 29 17:32:58 PST 2002

	Greetings all.

	I'm about to do my third LFS install. This time I'd like to experiment 
a bit with using a partition scheme a little more elaborate than simply 
/ plus swap. My reason for this is so that if I decide to rebuild LFS 
or screw it up so bad I have no choice, then at least I'll still have 
some stuff salvaged. I can't decide how big to make /home though. I 
have no specific plans for this machine, just various desktop uses. I 
will probably install a few games on it as well, such as the old Loki 
	I'd like to hear anyone's suggestions on alternative partitioning 
schemes, and which directories can be saved during a rebuild without 
much trouble.
	Oh, and just what is the purpose of giving /boot it's own partition 
anyway? I have read up on partitioning schemes and everyone seems to 
disagree. I understand putting /var and /tmp on their own partitions 
can help by keeping their size in check, but why /boot?

David C.
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