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Richard Lightman richard at nezumi.plus.com
Tue Oct 29 23:29:13 PST 2002

* Simon Roby <shamblrd at hotmail.com> [2002-10-30 06:56]:
> >On Tue, Oct 29, 2002 at 07:51:22PM -0600, David C wrote:
> >
> >There is also the safety aspect of having /boot as a separate part.
> >
> >Cut'n'pasted from the Gentoo install doc:-
> >
> >"Here's a quick overview of the standard Gentoo Linux partition layout.
> >We're going to create at least three partitions: a swap partition, a root
> >partition (to hold the bulk of Gentoo Linux), and a special boot partition.
> >The boot partition is designed to hold the GRUB or LILO boot loader
> >information as well as your Linux kernel(s). The boot partition gives us a
> >safe place to store everything related to booting Linux. During normal
> >day-to-day Gentoo Linux use, your boot partition should remain unmounted.
> >This prevents your kernel from being made unavailable to GRUB (due to
> >filesystem corruption) in the event of a system crash, preventing the
> >chicken-and-egg problem where GRUB can't read your kernel (since your
> >filesystem isn't consistent) but you can't bring your filesystem back to
> >a consistent state (since you can't boot!)"
> >
> Ok, NOW I understand why people still don't use GRUB. Storing the 
> bootloader directly onto the boot sector was not such a bad idea, now that 
> I think of it...
Both grub and lilo store a minimal loader on the boot sector. This
minimal loader has sector map (list of sectors holding a file) for lilo
or grub stage 1.5. At this point the two differ. Lilo has a secor map
for each kernel/ramdisk. Grub stage 1.5 uses a filesystem to read
grub, which can read the config file, kernels and ramdisks off any
supported filesystem. Grub can also use a sector map for these files.

Now do you understand that the reason for all the holy wars in favour
of grub/lilo is that the most significant advantage to (insert your
favourate boot loader) is personal preferance?

If you want to boot a system with trashed filesystems, you cannot rely
on the copy grub or lilo on the hard disk. Make youself a boot disk/cd.


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