I think I blew up an AMD Athlon.....

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Wed Dec 3 14:53:50 PST 2003

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>On Wed, 3 Dec 2003 13:40:16 -0500
>Bennett Todd <bet at rahul.net> wrote:
> > Someone whose computer's heatsink has fallen off, unbeknownst to
> > them.
>Which *now* (and before) is and was a very rare event.

I will _never_ accept suicidal processors. It's an expensive chip remenber, 
rare times expensive is still a lot of money, (and anger!)

> > Either in the referenced article, or one linked off it, there was
> > mention of a batch of systems shipped whose heatsink attachments
> > weren't up to the violence experienced during shipping.
>Yes, nearly.
>the moutns *were* up to their job, or at least the one they were
>designed for. It just that people started making MASSIVE copper
>heatsinks instead of small aluminium ones. the heavier sinks were beyond
>the specs.

The heatsinks are ALWAYS to small, that's why they need the cheap and 
_noisy_ fans. The mounts are also _not_ up to the task.
> > Normal users don't open the case to make sure the heat sink is
> > securely attached before first powering up.
>You dont need to - they RATTLE.

I rather _dont_ shake something i just payed 1000 or more Euro's for, thanks

> > Another thing I saw in the articles was a mention that AMD's
> > heatsink attachment wasn't as positive as Intel's, making this a
> > likelier scenario with their chips.
>At the time they were VERY similar.
> > Making a CPU robust with no heatsink at all, at least to the extent
> > of shutting down rather than burning up, seems like a worthwhile
> > exercise to save customers some trauma.
>nah. the 'flip-chip' dies will get damaged anyhow (maybe not as much but
>still). older P-IV and P-III chips had metal covers so those may survive
>well but the more recent ones dont have this anymore.

so all newer chips are just worse than the older ones. Damn cutting of cost....



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