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Richard A Downing FBCS geek109 at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 21 08:59:37 PST 2003

After a few years out of mainstream web development I'm trying to get
my mind round where things have got to.  There must be lots of you
friendly people who do this for a living, so I thought I'd ask...

I see HTML has moved on, I'm using XHTML1.1 right now on my
website, but is this a wise decision?  HTML4.01 seems to be popular
still.  Are Netscape 4's (and the evil IE equivalent) still about?

Did Microsoft's move to IE6 with no Java hurt the java stuff much?

On the stylesheet front, I see (and I'm using) CSS2, but this depends
on the browser supporting it.  Would it be better to use XSL-FO, I
presume that this has to be done server-side since I don't see
XSL-FO-ready browsers on anyone's roadmap.

Is there an overview, a kind of 'state of the web' document anywhere?

What I've decided to do at the moment is to write in XHTML1.1 with
CSS2 stylesheets for now, but it's still early enough to change my
mind.  This is just for my personal site, nothing commercial or even
serious, but I like to learn the right stuff.


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