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John Gay johngay at
Sat May 7 14:59:24 PDT 2005

On Saturday 07 May 2005 20:41, Xarius wrote:
> This probably isn't the correct list for this, but here goes anyway:
This list is correct for any subject, even if it's not repated to Linux or 

> We have the BLFS project, which I think is doing great now! I was just
> wondering if there are any plans to add a gaming chapter, or a seperate
> book perhaps, including great OSS games such as wesnoth, freeciv, etc?
GAMES! You dare to mention games on a list of serious Linux users and 
developers? We don't have time for engaging in things like Quake tournaments. 
And who ever told you that a serious Kernel developer used to host such 
things for this group has violated a serious secrecy pact (-;

> Gaming is a serious thorn in the side of many casual linux users, and while
> that hardly describes the LFS crowd really, it might be a nice thing to
> look into.
Well, LFS and BLFS Are Linux Your Way, and if that includes games, feel free 
to try them. I know that I once got Creatures Internet Edition for Linux to 
run on my BLFS box, many here have played Quake and other commercially 
produced Linux games. And, as you mention, many Open Source games also exist. 
I've even spotted one, Tux-Racer running in an arcade box in my local Arcade. 
Bettystown Funtasia, for those in Ireland.

> Just a thought!

Well, If you've got through LFS and BLFS and have a nice working Desktop, then 
you already have most of the skills needed to build anything else, including 
games. There are a few basic gaming libs, OpenGL, SDL and others come to 
mind. I'll be building a new box soon. I might look into trying to document 
some games-related builds.

After all, this entire project has been built by many people building their 
own choice of software and sharing the info, there's nothing stopping you 
from joining in the fun.


	John Gay

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