Opteron Options?

John Gay johngay at eircom.net
Mon May 9 13:32:08 PDT 2005

On Monday 09 May 2005 12:55, Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Sat, 7 May 2005, John Gay wrote:
> > Well, the day is fast approaching when I'll get my Dual Opteron, but now
> > I've a choice to make.
> >
> > I've been quoted aprox 470 Euro +VAT for a Tyan S2885 Motherboard or 260
> > Euro +VAT for an MSI K8T-Master2 FAR?
> >
Sorry, here's links for the two boards:
> > >From what I can find, I know the Tyan board has seperate memory banks
> > > for each
> >
> > processor, as well as a split PCI-X bus, so It's like two complete
> > computers on one board. Whereas, on the MSI board, the two processors
> > have to share the memory and PCI bus.
> >
Sorry again, a second look shows that the MSI does indeed have seperate memory 
for each processor, but the MSI board has 2 DDR slots for each and 2 extra 
DIMM slots for one processor?

But the Tyan has 4 DDR slots for each processor.

> > Also, The Tyan, being larger and needing a special power supply, also
> > needs a larger and much more expensive case.
> John, opterons are rather out of my league (I was interested in them
> until I realised how much a couple of 248s would cost - I'm into
> Cool'n'Quiet) but I'll just throw in a few comments.
I've been quoted 240 Euro +VAT each for 240's, which is not bad. I was 
expecting closer to 600.

> First, the K8T doesn't use standard athlon64/opteron coolers, it seems
> to use Pentium4 coolers (lack of space) which may make them noisier.
Wasn't aware about this. I know cooling is important, but noise is not a big 
deciding factor for me.

> Couldn't find anything definitive on this particular Tyan - thought I'd
> found it, but it appeared to have a similar memory layout to the MSI.
> Which brings me to my second point - 4 sticks of memory, but maximum is
> 3GB (i.e. 2x1GB, 2x512M), just like my athlon64 board.
As you can see from the links, the Tyan does have more memory slots than the 
MSI, and a much higher limit on the memory as well.

> Certainly the Tyan will need a bigger case, but you need to check the
> power requirements of both boards, I think you'll find they both need a
> 'workstation' PSU with extra connectors.
Well, I've been told that the oversized case for the tyan would be upto 200? 
I'm sure the power supply requirements are similar between the two boards, 

I'm still thinking I'd be mad to pass up the chance to get the Tyan board when 
I've an open budget ATM. Just wondering how much I'll regret if I do go for 
the MSI board.


	John Gay

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