Media Player

Alan Lord lord_alan at
Wed Dec 6 08:40:41 PST 2006

Matthew Burgess wrote:
  > I use Amarok for audio stuff, though if you don't have or want the KDE
> deps then this won't be any good.  For video, I currently use MPlayer. 
> I'm about to start looking into MythTV though, so that might change my 
> preferences, depending on its integration with the rest of the system.
> Regards,
> Matt.

Thanks to all the contributors for all the comments. So far I have 
installed MediaPlayer and that seems to work fine, so I'll probably 
stick to that for now. Although Matt, I am also going to be getting into 
MythTV shortly so if you pick up any good info, don't keep it to 
yourself ;-)

As an aside, if anyone is interested I'm going to put up a note here 
"just for fun" about how to get Beryl (The compiz fork) running on LFS. 
It does look great once it is running and I doubt now I'll ever go back 
to a plain old 2D desktop environment!



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