Does LFS have a cover?

Colin Dean cdean at
Sun Dec 10 09:13:30 PST 2006

Jaqui Greenlees wrote:
> --- Colin Dean <cdean at> wrote:
>> I was looking through the docbook source of LFS
>> today, and I realized 
>> that there isn't really a cover for the book, other
>> than the simple 
>> title/version/author page.
>> Has anyone ever made a pretty cover? Ya know, the
>> kind that would be 
>> used if the book was printed as a text book?
> interesting idea. :)
> if no-one has, I could do a couple of different ideas
> and put them up for acceptance by the LFS team [ for
> inclusion in next version of the book ]

Here's the question of the moment, then:

In what format would it need to be?

I worked out a basic design in OO.o Writer, but when I exported it to 
Docbook, very little of the styling stayed. Also tried exporting to 
LaTeX, but it still didn't keep enough of the styling.

SVG? Inkscape would be lovely.

Or what about good old-fashioned PDF? Can Docbook include PDFs like 
LaTeX can? I obviously have very little experience with Docbook ;-)

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