Does LFS have a cover?

Colin Dean cdean at
Sun Dec 10 12:36:34 PST 2006

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Colin Dean wrote these words on 12/10/06 11:13 CST:
>> In what format would it need to be?
> IIRC, the publisher chooses the format/design of the cover pages.
> We could probably present some ideas, but the decision of what to
> use is (I believe) out of our hands.

I think most would accept PDF. I've done some bookmaking and layout 
work--the company didn't care what I did it with as long as I sent them 
a PDF.

I think SVG might be the best way to go, as it is a more independent 
format than the others I suggested. I /could/ do it with Quark, but I 
don't think its proprietary nature will fit in with this crowd ;-)

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