suggestions for hardware

Alan Lord lord_alan at
Tue Dec 19 10:46:44 PST 2006

Colin Dean wrote:
> Jaqui Greenlees wrote:
>> * 512MB DDR-II  PC4200 RAM
> You're definitely going to want to add another 512 MB stick.

Why? I run Beryl on X on Nvidia in just 256Mb, FireFox, OpenOffice and 
other desktop apps, have Apache, PHP, MySQL, SSH running too, and it's 
fine... I don't think Linux is a memory hog like some other operating 
systems I can think of. It compiles apps reasonably fast too!

Having said that of course, it would never hurt to have more RAM ;-)

>> * ASUS Nvidia 6200TC/64256/ 256MB PCI-E
>> ( change this because of spotty nvidia support for
>> linux )
> I was under the impression that nVidia's Linux support trumps all of its 
> competitors, as both the open source and binary drivers are far superior 
> to the ATI ones. Has that recently changed?

Same here. I think Nvidia's Linux support is far more up-to-date, active 
and supported than other graphics card vendors.

I wasn't sure about your Dual Core 2800+ though... In the UK that 
processor doesn't exist (and I'm not sure it ever did...). The lowest X2 
is the 3800 which is now available in an Energy Efficient (<65W TDP) 
package for about £90 inc. VAT.

I am guessing that a 2800+ in the AM2 package will be a Sempron - they 
sell for about £25.00 here but are the slowest/Cheapest processor they 
do. Rather than spending the extra on RAM, upgrade the processor... :-)



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