suggestions for video hardware

jerry jdinardo at
Wed Dec 20 08:57:14 PST 2006

I have just subscribed to this list so I can not reply to "suggestions
for hardware" message but as nobody mentioned open source drivers, I
thought I would.

With pcie video on your MB, your choices are limited. The Ati X300 and
I believe X600 work with xorg 7.1. I carelessly bought an X1300 without
checking and it has no support(even 2d) with the xorg ati driver
because it has no 2d. I think I read somewhere that 2d is simulated
with the 3d hardware. I gave that away and bought the X300 because
I update kernels and everything else quite often and I do not care for
the hassle of binary drivers (plus i hate the tainted kernel message).

If you are not looking for ultra high performance gaming hardware, I
belive that the intel video is your best bet. There are good open
source drivers (I belive they are supplied by intel) for both kernel
and xorg. I think you will have to buy intel cpu for this option.

I bought ny 1st intel cpu/chipset in years recently for no reason
except the video driver issue with pcie MBs. I bought a core 2 duo
and it is faster than my athlon x2 at about the same price.


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