suggestions for video hardware

jerry jdinardo at
Thu Dec 21 05:17:31 PST 2006

> Mesa 6.5.2 and the Xorg server from 7.1 gives me this on startup (Xorg
> still runs, DRI on glxinfo says YES.  glxgears appears to run exactly
> the same as when I dont have DRI
> DISPATCH ERROR! _glapi_add_dispatch failed to add glAreTexturesResident!

I also used Mesa 6.5.2 to get around other problems. I noticed DRI ran
very slowly until I took AGP support out of the kernel. Once I took AGP
out, I got a 600% to 700%   speed increase with glxgears. This
is because I have a pcie card instead of an older agp card.


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