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Mike Hollis holliskm at
Fri May 18 08:51:39 PDT 2012

 I just subcribed to this list and as yet have recieved no mailings to 
reply to, but this is relevent to the earlier posts about the gnu 
gnu-linux discussion. As the one poster said this will probably never
be resolved and I don't wish to open that can of worms.
 The discussion did get me curious and I checked the gnu web page as I
hadn't looked at it in some time and it pretty surprising to look at the
listed "free distributions". None of what I considered to be the major
players in early linux development were listed for various reasons. They
also offered scripts to remove the "blobs" from the vanilla linux 
 I took a quick look at one of the "de-blob" scripts and was surprised 
at how extensive it was. My question is to anyone that has experience or
expertise in this area: Would these kernels lose considerable 
functionality compared to a regular kernel ?


#### Mike Hollis ####

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