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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Fri Aug 4 16:49:41 PDT 2000

> On Fri, 04 Aug 2000, Thomas T. Veldhouse wrote:
> > You missed a step when you installed gcc-2.95.2.
> > 
> > You need to create a link in /usr/bin to the cpp.
> > 
> I'm not following you.  The book does not mention making a link.  The file cpp
> exists in /usr/bin.  Do I need to move or copy it to /bin?

It does say create the /lib/cpp and /usr/lib/cpp symlinks. Did you
create those (although I don't think that's the problem here, but you
can never be too sure)

I quote Gcc on LFS installation, just to make sure you did it *exactly*
as below.


Installing GCC on the LFS system

Installation of GCC on the LFS system

After you unpacked the gcc-2.95.2 archive don't enter the newly created
gcc-2.95.2 directory but stay in the $LFS/usr/src directory. Install GCC
by running the following

     root:src# mkdir $LFS/usr/src/gcc-build
     root:src# cd $LFS/usr/src/gcc-build
     root:gcc-build# ../gcc-2.95.2/configure --prefix=/usr \
     > --with-gxx-include-dir=/usr/include/g++ \
     > --enable-languages=c,c++ --disable-nls
     root:gcc-build# make -e LDFLAGS=-static bootstrap
     root:gcc-build# make prefix=$LFS/usr local_prefix=$LFS/usr/local \
     > gxx_include_dir=$LFS/usr/include/g++ install

Creating necessary symlinks

The system needs a few symlinks to ensure every program is able to find
the compiler and the pre-processor. Some programs run the cc program,
others run the gcc
program. Some programs expect the cpp program in /lib and others expect
to find it in /usr/bin. Create those symlinks by running:

     root:~# cd $LFS/lib
     root:lib# ln -s ../usr/lib/gcc-lib/<host>/2.95.2/cpp cpp
     root:lib# cd $LFS/usr/lib
     root:lib# ln -s gcc-lib/<host>/2.95.2/cpp cpp
     root:lib# cd $LFS/usr/bin
     root:bin# ln -s gcc cc

Replace <host> with the directory where the gcc-2.95.2 files are
installed (which is i686-unknown-linux in my case).


Gerard Beekmans

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