LFS-BOOK-2.3.7 released

Panos Maheras arcana at hol.gr
Sat Aug 5 10:40:24 PDT 2000

On Sat, 5 Aug 2000 09:46:39 -0400, you wrote:

>> chroot
>> ------
>> You may need to "cd $LFS" before doing chroot, just in case the current
>> working directory is not under the new root.
>Not necesarry here. Perhaps you run an older chroot version? If so, let
>me know so I can modify it.
>gerard:~$ su
>root:/home/gerard# pwd
>root:/home/gerard# chroot $LFS bash --login
>root:/# pwd

I also have the same chroot "problem". When I do chroot in another place other
than the new root (or some subdirectory under it) I get some weird prompt from
the shell. In any case all is fixed with a cd / after or simply cd /mnt/lfs
before the chroot command. Not really a problem in either case but it might be
confusing to a newbie.

Panos Maheras.

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