Striping Debugging Symbols

Foyah Z. Freeman, Jr. freemanf at
Sat Aug 5 13:41:18 PDT 2000

Good Afternoon all:

I was about to begin the basic software installation and have a few questions.  When and where should I enter the "strip" command?  Could I first install all the programs first and then issue the "find and strip" command that some list members posted.

 I set the "export CFLAGS="-O3 -mcpu=i686 -march=i686" and the command for "CXXFLAGS."  To compile for my machine a "celeron 400mhz," should or could I replace the -mcpu= and -march= with -mcpu=400 and -march=400 

Thank you for any and all responses.

Linuxly yours

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