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Jeffery McLean jeffery at meowpawjects.com
Sun Aug 6 18:26:37 PDT 2000

On Sun, 06 Aug 2000:

> LFS brutal??? Common!! :-)

Comparied to other Linuxes...
Thow calling Slackware hard is really pushing it.... but then thats from me
and I've installed Windows 95.... thats brutal...

My breakdown...
Slackware: For people familure with Unix
RedHat: For people familure with NT
Suse: For people falilure enough with NT to know not to use it
Mandrake: For people who find Windows 95 hard
(Thats covers about 75% of the human population)
Debian: For Debian develupers...
[I've used an old Debian CD.. it may have changed sence then
but it operates like your expected to be omipotent]
LFS: For people allready familure with Linux and want to optomise...

It's easy.. just has that ummm beta.. feel to it..... like Mandrake 7.1....
Oh yeah..   stay way from Mandrake 7.1....

LFS is better.. just that some pacages have "issues" with being compiled
with static libarys... over time I'm hoping some people work this out
and everything starts to operating per should...
Oh yeah and forget to install something and your really screwed :)
but then thats true for Linux piriod... but LFS makes it MUCH easyer
to miss stuff.
(Better to let user miss stuff he needs than force what he dosn't)
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