Chapter 7, 'Creating the /etc/init.d/ethnet script'

Craig M. Reece shade at
Mon Aug 7 09:51:46 PDT 2000

DSL uses a (more or less) standard DHCP style setup in most cases;
however, this may be changing, since I have heard of some providers using
PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) and I don't presently know how this works :(.

I have managed to get the dhcpcd installed and working since I need it for
my home network as well as at work. I was planning on writing up an
lfs-hint on how I dealt with it.

Also, gpm, since I like to use multiple VCs and cut/paste between them
while building LFS...

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> > True, but could you mention it either way? anyone that connects
> throw a > Cable/DSL is going to have a gateway, that should be reason
> enough to > just mention it ;)
> The default gateway that pppd sets when a link has been made works
> doesn't it (for me it does but I don't know yet how it works on DSL)
> -- Gerard Beekmans

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