gpm --> was RE: Chapter 7, 'Creating the /etc/init.d/ethnetscript'

Simon Perreault nomis80 at
Mon Aug 7 18:30:04 PDT 2000

> The basic trick with gpm is that it wants TeX installed to create the
> documentation which is really silly since the man pages and info files are
> already there. I editted the Makefile to remove the doc directory and that
> got rid of the errors, of course I had to manually install the man pages
> etc... (thus the need for a written hint :)

Yes, I saw the problem, and I got around it (either by installing TeTeX,
or either by changing the Makefile, I can't remember). But then it
simply didn't work. I was running gpm, and it was doing nothing. Not
even staying in the background. Debug mode didn't output ANY message. So
I just let go of gpm.
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