m4 and autoconf

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Aug 8 05:02:39 PDT 2000

> I had problems earlier trying to compile autoconf when m4 was compiled
> dynamically, so I was stuck with a static version.  I finally started
> playing around with it again and I have made the following observations:
> 1.  My main system is Debian.  I am compiling m4 after I have chrooted
> to $LFS.
> 2.  When I compile m4 dynamically, I get a message that 'sigstack' is
> dangerous and that 'sigaltstack' should be used instead.  I do not get
> any error messages.
> 3. "make check" generates a lot of error messages.
> 4. If I boot into LFS, I can successfully compile m4 and autoconf
> dynamically.
> I suspect that I am using Debian's glibc 2.0 when I am chrooted to LFS.
> If only a few of us are running Debian, maybe this is why most persons
> are not encountering this problem.

I used to use Debian 2.1 (glibc-2.0.7pre6 based) as a base system and I 
didn't have this kind of problem myself at that time, but it was a long
time ago and I haven't tried Debian since. Perhaps I should just install
it again some day to see what's going on.

Gerard Beekmans

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