Thoughts to 2.3.7

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Tue Aug 8 09:18:44 PDT 2000

(and some smaller ones):

Installing GCC on the LFS system:
"Replace <host> with the..." 

What about putting this paragraph in front of the commands? (me
keeps cutnpasting <host> and wondering why it does not work :))

Installing Linux Kernel:
"that we can compile package that" -> "packages"

Installing Glibc:
Please provide the information about "getting errors related to" before
the build... I compiled it for about 1.5 hours, not watching it and then I 
wondered where those errors come from - scrolling down in book described
the patch - and then I had to redo that...
Perhaps it is a better way to notify about possible problems before
making a package...

Installation of MAKEDEV
Is the sed really necessary?

Installing Mawk:
"gawk" -> "mawk"

Installing findutils:
making all in locate
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/findutils-4.1/locate'
gcc -c -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I.. -I../lib -DLOCATE_DB=\"/usr/var/locatedb\"
-O3 -mcpu=i686 -march=i686 ../find/version.c
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `../lib/libfind.a', needed by
`locate'.  Stop.

Installing libtool: (and others)
Perhaps it is not necessary, but some packages complain about a missing

Installing bin86
strip: /usr/bin/as86_encap: File format not recognized

Installing tar:
While I tried to untar the next package I got an error:
bash: /usr/bin/tar: No such file or directory
Perhaps we have to do a "hash -r" after moving

Installing Man-pages:
"make" will move the pages from this package that are older than
the already installed ones to a subdirectory `not_installed',
then remove old versions (compressed or not),
compress the pages, and copy them to /usr/man/man[1-8].
(from README)

Configuring Lilo:
Do a "grep image /etc/lilo.conf" to see all needed images.

Configuring Shadow Password Suite:
"support, that programs that" -> "the programs that"
The howto contains wrong information (after/in chapter 5.4)
pwconf is pwconv, root-homedir is ~/, pwconf does not create npasswd,
but passwd-...

Creating the /var/run/utmp,wtmp and btmp files
"/var/run/utmp /var/run/btmp and /va" -> "," is missing

BTW - I've never heard of btmp and there are no man-pages about that...
What is it for?

"Chagne the IP," -> "Change"

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