Thoughts to 2.3.7

John Phillips lfs at
Tue Aug 8 10:34:44 PDT 2000

Thomas 'Balu' Walter wrote

> Installing libtool: (and others)
> Perhaps it is not necessary, but some packages complain about a missing
> ldconfig...

I noticed these "errors" in libtool, binutils and in other packages.
They seem to be harmless.

However, you can move the build of to just before libtool to tidy
them up.  That works fine (for me).

> Installing bin86
> strip: /usr/bin/as86_encap: File format not recognized

Same here.  I assume it's harmless.

> Installing tar:
> While I tried to untar the next package I got an error:
> bash: /usr/bin/tar: No such file or directory
> Perhaps we have to do a "hash -r" after moving

One thing I would recommend, if your shell is bash, is to run "set +h"
before building LFS.  This turns off bash's hash list and stops it
(mis-)remembering paths that change during the install.

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